Turn your surplus apples into Cider – FOR FREE!
Do you have apple trees and can’t use all your apples or have windfall that goes to waste? Then we can turn them into cider for you. Urban Apples collect unwanted apples and turns them into Cider. All those that donate apples will get cider back for free!

How do you know when your apples are ripe?

Ripe apples make the best cider. They produce the best flavour and contain the highest sugar levels. It is the sugar that determines the alcohol level of the finished cider. Here are some guidelines that may help you determine if your apples are ready for pressing:

Pip Colour: If the pips are dark brown, then the apple is ripe. If the pips are white or pale brown then the apples need to stay on the tree.

Easy Picking: Ripe apples are easily picked with a gentle lift and twist. If you have to pull hard or break twigs they are not ready. This can also damage the tree and reduce next years crop.

Windfall: If a tree is dropping lots of good sound fruit, then this is another sign the fruit is ready.

Finally, not all apples on the same tree are ripe at exactly the same time. So picking may need to be spread over a week or two. So if you have surplus apples you can’t use then get in touch and we’ll turn them in to cider for you. They can be bruised, but not rotten, and will make the best cider if they are juicy and ripe!


Get in touch...

If you would like to know more or if you have apples that you would like to donate then please contact us, letting us know what type of apples you have and how many.  We can then arrange for you to drop them of at our place or we may be able to collect them.

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