Our Approach

We want to make Cider here in the NE of England that is as good as anything made in other parts of the country.  We have a strong brewing heritage but little Cider making in the region so we thought it was time that changed.

We also want to have some local interest and that is why we have set ourselves up to make cider using apples donated by the general public.  If we just bought apples in from other regions we could make a good Cider consistently and by oursleves.  By asking for donations and giving people back free Cider the costs work out the same but the challenge of making a consistent Cider is greater, but the knowledge that it is made from local apples is incredibly satisfying and gives us a great sense of achievement knowing that we have made something locally that people want to drink.

Our Story

We started making Cider in the garage, like many people do.  First attempts were not always successful and required some commitment to drink the resulting product.  However, as they say, practice makes perfect and we have improved it to a point where we don't have to persuade people to try it and they actively ask "Is it ready yet?"

We are passionate about making a consistently good product and enjoy the variation in apples we get.  We enjoy the process of receiving apples and transforming them into a clear, golden liquid that people enjoy.  Opening up the door when the press room is full of apples in the morning you get the floral aroma of apples, what better way to start the day.