How does it work?

You give us your apples and we’ll give you cider in return. Sorted!
• We won’t turn down any apple donations but if you want cider in return you’ll need a minimum of 5kg.
• How much Cider will I get?
• We will weigh your apples when you drop them off and record the “dry weight”
• The deal is that if you drop your apples off we will give you back 20% of your dry weight as finished cider
• As an example 20% of 20kg of apples donated would be 4 Litres (8 bottles) of finished & bottled cider
• If you want us to come and collect the apples we will happily do so, subject to a minimum weight, but you’ll only get 10% of your donation back as Cider

What types of apples do we accept?

We accept ALL types, shapes and sizes of apple from Crab to Cox and Bramley to Braeburn they all go in the mix. Even better if you have a rare local variety.

Do you accept fallen or bruised fruit?

Yes, we can use windfall and bruised fruit, as long as it is not rotten!

Will you collect my apples or can I bring my apples to you?

We have a unit in South Shields where we make the Cider so would prefer apples to be dropped off, however if it is difficult for you to get to us or if you have lots of trees then get in touch and we will sort something out

Will it be bottled here?

Yes, your cider will be bottled, capped & labelled in 0.5 litre glass bottles

When will my Cider be ready?

Usually around May the year after you make yiur donation.  It takes about 6 months to ferment, mature, bottle and label.

How do I get my Cider?

We will notify you via email when it is ready and on which days you can come and collect it.  We will also let people know via the Urban Apples facebook page

What type of Cider will it be?

Your apples will be processed and fermented with others from across the region.  Due to the annual variation of apple types donated the flavour may well vary but it will be a dry Cider with some fizz in it.  Alcohol content will also vary but we aim to make it around 6% ABV